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Loan Talk - To Fix or Not to Fix


To Fix or Not to Fix ? that is the question.

The average life of a loan is 3.2 years before it is refinanced, increased for renovations or investment reasons or the property is sold. Whilst the current fixed interest rates are quite attractive and you may sleep sounder knowing your home or investment loan interest rate will be at the same rate now as in 5 years time, are there going to be any changes in your circumstances? We have a number of clients that thought fixing for 3-5 years was a good idea at the time but now find that circumstances have changed 12 months later and they are caught with exit penalty rates or the inability to repay off lump sum payments.

New years resolution "Give your loan a review" !

    Had your loan for a while - is it still a good deal?
    Loan products and requirements change on a weekly basis.
    Has it been several years since you reviewed your home or investment property loan?
    Thinking of some renovations or a pool?
    Would I be eligible for an Investment Property loan - can I buy another one?
    Buying another business vehicle or some office equipment?
    Maybe I should refinance/consolidate some high interest debt?

Would you like to save $1000's and years off your Home Loan?

Did you know that we can offer you a simple strategy that will save you years of repaying your home loan thus saving you thousand of dollars in interest. We can also fast track this by using the existing equity in your home to create additional savings which will further reduce your home loan.

Will you be able to retire comfortably?

Talk to the experts about using the equity in your home to help you achieve the retirement lifestyle you deserve.

If you had an accident and were unable to work, could you afford to support your family?

Could your family survive if your income ceased?

Phone Jai at Pinnacle 1 Services on 54527205 and arrange for a free appraisal. It costs you nothing and may save you and your family thousands!

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